Kid Robot founder Paul Budnitz has now decided to peddle his way into the field of stylish high-end bicycles. The entrepreneur has released bikes containing sleek and visually appealing rides for both commuters (model No. 1) and for sport (model No.2), which weigh-in at less than 3.3 lbs each. Running $5,500 a pop (11 speeds are an additional $750), the all-titanium bikes were made to fill a gap in the market for riders seeking a quality bike with both style and function. Other specifics include the use of Gates Carbon Belts rather than gears and chains along with various hand-crafted parts the likes of which are usually used for racing bikes. The bikes frame is also extra shock absorbent.

Budnitz, who says that "Most high-end bicycle parts are actually pretty ugly," cites "Aston Martins and '80's-era Maseratis" as his inspiration for the bikes. These fresh new transporter toys are available now at Budnitz Bicycles