Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley is at it again. Haley, who refused to shake the hand of then-Broncos head coach Josh McDaniel after Denver trounced the Chiefs last year, was apparently in bitchmade mode again last night, complaining to Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh about a late touchdown the Ravens scored against the Chiefs in their preseason tilt.

With 5 seconds left in the game, Harbaugh let his 3rd string offense run a play against Haley's obviously woeful Chiefs defense, resulting in a touchdown that made the final score 31-13. "I think he said something like 'I don't know about that," said Harbaugh, addressing the situation in his postgame press conference. Haley himself didn't comment, but we've got a few words for him: a) it's preseason pal, so just about anything goes, and b) next time how 'bout you nut up, shake the other coach's hand, and get back to you own locker room and bitch out your defense? Just sayin'. [via ProFootballTalk.com]