Forget Floyd Mayweather, Jr. When you've got a voice like Manny Pacquiao, you're already set for life—regardless of whether or not you decide to take part in one of the most lucrative boxing matches of all-time. Er, okay. So we have no idea how he's managing to do it, but Pacquiao's single, "Sometimes When We Touch," has somehow managed to crack the top 10 on the U.S. adult contemporary charts this week. The song—which is a remake of a track by singer/songwriter Dan Hill—currently sits at No. 7 on the chart. And even Hill is a little surprised by all of its' success.

"Even if you're Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, you have to work radio like crazy," Hill said recently. "He hasn't been doing interviews or any big publicity events. So it's even more strange that this can be happening. It's just unheard of."

Strange indeed. But something tells us this didn't hurt, either. [via FOX Sports]