It's probably pretty hard to offend Howard Stern. But that's exactly what David Portnoy, a blogger for Barstool Sports, managed to do late last week when he put up a post called "Check Out The Howitzer On Brady's Kid" that featured a paparazzi photo of Tom Brady's one-year-old son Benjamin playing naked on the beach. Along with the ridiculous headline on the story, Portnoy also included this caption: "Just swinging low like a boss. That's what MVP QB's do. They impregnate chicks and give birth to big dicked kids."

The post immediately caught the attention of outraged sports fans and eventually the Massachusetts state police, who convinced Portnoy to take down the post to avoid any further controversy. But the story didn't stop there. On Tuesday morning, Stern had Portnoy call into his satellite radio show—and proceeded to rip him a new one for posting what he called "kiddie porn" on the blog. "Dave, people said you must take this down, it's kiddie porn," Stern said. "And I saw the picture and, quite frankly, I do think it's kiddie porn. I don't think you should put a picture of a 2-year-old nude."

Um, YA THINK!? Now that Howard has spoken, you know you're wrong for this one, right, dude? [via Off The Bench]