Game: Boise State Broncos vs. Oklahoma Sooners (Fiesta Bowl)
Date: 1/1/2007

We cheated. This list should actually be called the 51 Greatest Plays in College Football History. But are you really gonna complain about false advertising when we give you more than promised?

This is two plays, in the best college football game we've ever seen. The first is the incredible hook and ladder Boise State pulled off on 4th and 18 to tie the game in regulation. What makes this play tied for the best of all time is that BSU receiver Drisan James (No. 11), probably could've made the first down without the lateral, and passing the ball back to fellow senior Jerard Rabb (No. 1), could've been an all-time blunder.

And then there's the two-point conversion to win it in OT. That's a double shot of cojones for head coach Chris Petersen, one for going for it in the first place, and two for going with the Statue of Liberty (actually looked more like a drug transaction but they can't call it that way on TV). With one play, Boise State staked its place on the college football map and Ian Johnson became the luckiest man alive. Major bowl upset on a trick play two-point conversion? Check. Proposing to your gorgeous cheerleader girlfriend in the end zone? Check. All of your childhood dreams fulfilled at the age of 21? Check. Take a bow, Mr. Johnson.

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