It doesn't get anymore gaudy and extravagant than Master P riding onto a gold basketball court in a gold Tank akin to a colonel leading his army into the platinum promised-land. This was the setting for Master P's single, "Make 'em Say Uhh!" off of his 1997 album, Ghetto D. During No Limit’s reign, almost every song had a reference to the heaping hunk of metal as the Tank served as a symbol for the No Limit army's war stories and the brotherhood they shared. The Tank might've been gold, but all P and his comrades knew was platinum—Ghetto D moved on to sell more than 3 million copies.

Lyrical Mention: The tank's driven by the colonel Mr. Master P/Lil' Silkky, Mystikal, C, and me -Snoop Dogg, "Don't Let Go"

"Make Em Say Uhh!" set the bar for basketball leagues everywhere. We mean, think about how much more exciting the NBA would be if all games started off with a gold tank and a bunch of rowdy rappers.