The Chrysler 300 was known as the broke man's Bentley/Rolls Royce because of it's boxy frame and large menacing grill sans the six-figure price tag. In the mid 2000s there was a high demand for the large-sized sedan when rappers with Bentley money, such as 50 Cent and Snoop, the latter who personally contacted Chrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche for a customized Chrysler, opted for the knockoff with the 23k price tag. Unfortunately, no highly publicized request or MTV Crib appearance could save the 300 after car aficionado and NY radio personality Funk Master Flex went on air in 2007 and exclaimed that it only has "one more summer left!" Needless to say, the 300 was never able to make a full come back. But don't tell Dre that.

Lyrical Mention: Fully loaded Chrysler 300, sitting on grown men/Plus I'm covered by VS-1 diamonds from pimping my pen -Lil Flip, "Uncut"

Manny Fresh recruited a couple of Magnums, Maybachs, and Chevelles for his solo debut single, "Real Big," but nothing stood out like the pair of two-toned Chrysler 300s. We call them changing faces.