Harlem is notorious for being flashy, so when hometown hero Cam'ron started rocking pink in the early 2000s, some chalked it up to one man's attempt to remain conspicuous in the hip-hop eye, while others fell right in line. The trend spread like wildfire making it more than okay for grown-ass men to sport pink and your favorite team jerseys and fitteds were now available in a fuchsia colorway. But pink leathers, belts, and minks weren't enough for this Harlemite—in the split video for "Get 'Em Girls" and "Killa Cam" Mr. Giles gracefully swooped away in a pink Range Rover. But just like all love stories, the reign of the pink came to an end as Killa put the Range up for sale on eBay for the starting bid price of $180k.

Lyrical Mention:  Add on some extra pink, I get extra hate/Know how I deal wit' it, I move extra weight -Cam'ron, "Black Cards"

In the "Get 'Em Girls/Killa Cam" video Cam shows you his inside-out, all pink whip and tells you himself, "Range looks like Laffy Taffy."