To call the Bugatti Veyron a super car is a ridiculous understatement. This European sports car is not only the most expensive car on the market, it also happens to be the fastest legal street car with the Bugatti Super Sport reaching 267 mph—that's one third of the speed of sound! Before you get all excited and spring an oil leak in your pants, the yearly maintenance fees alone for the $1.7 million Bugatti can cost you up to a cool $300k a year, so think twice when you're shopping around for one, baller.

Lyrical Mention: Bugatti Boyz 1.8 fours/I got money, baby, I could order 8 more. -Diddy, "Bugatti Boyz"

If Baby had a whole island all to himself, as portrayed in the "Fire Flame" video, why wouldn’t he take advantage of the Bugatti’s record breaking speed? We call bullshit.