In case you missed it on HBO's 24/7 the other day, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and his dad Floyd Mayweather, Sr. are at a bit of a crossroads in their relationship right now. And when we say "crossroads," we really mean that they hate each other's fuckin' guts at this particular moment. Floyd, Jr. seems to think that his dad wants too much credit for his successful career. And Floyd, Sr.? Well, he seems to think his son needs to get knocked off his high horse. Like, ASAP.

"Man, everyone calling me saying I did nothing wrong," Floyd, Sr. told Fight Hype yesterday, when asked about the premiere episode of 24/7 on Saturday night that nearly saw the two Floyds come to blows. "At the end of the day, I'm a man and you know, I'm gonna defend myself...In 13 years, I have made seven world champions. Let [Floyd, Jr.] tell you how many Roger has made. I didn't get mad until he started talking about, 'Get out of my gym.' He wasn't about to talk to me like I was his son. Lil Floyd done let money go to his head, man, and when you let money rule your life, you either gotta have a rude awakening or you have to go broke. I'm not saying I want to see either one of them happen, but money is the root of all evil...He's still my son, but Lil Floyd needs some sort of reality check, whether that be in the ring or out."

Yikes. Sounds like the next episode of 24/7 might be better than the fight with Victor Ortiz that Money Mayweather is training for. 'Cause this thing with the two Floyds is about to get ugly. [via Fight Hype]