Can somebody—anybody?—help Chris Bosh get a win this summer? His latest loss came in the court of law on Wednesday when a judge dismissed a lawsuit that CB4 had brought against Allison Mathis, the mother of his 2-year-old daughter Trinity. Bosh had been trying to prevent Mathis from appearing on the next season of Basketball Wives. And after the judge's ruling, Mathis also decided to rub some salt in the wound by taking one final parting shot at Bosh through a statement made by her lawyer.

"From Ms. Mathis' perspective, the judge's order confirms her view that the suit was frivolous and was merely an attempt to bully and harass her," the statement read. "Clearly, Mr. Bosh's energy would be better spent focusing on basketball, rather than filing baseless lawsuits in a futile attempt to intimidate his child's mother."

SMH. Ohhhhhhhh shit. Chalk up another L for the NBA's biggest loser. [via The YBF]