If we had to sit and listen to one rapper tell stories all day, it'd definitely be Bun B. The guy's been around the block and has some of the craziest stories we've ever heard. Recently, he got up with Jimmy Olsen for theScore's Music Series and talked about a number of things, including "how an NFL player can be trill on the football field" (Jimmy's words, not ours!) and why he thinks the Houston Texans could make a lot of noise once the NFL season starts.

But the most interesting part of the interview comes when Jimmy asks Bun to tell him a story. He reveals that during the first game of the NBA season last year between the Celtics and the Heat, Bun played a big role in helping LeBron James play so well in the second half. Press play on the clip (and fast-forward to the 3:25 mark) to find out how. You're crazy for this one, Bun. [via theScore]