It always feels a little weird putting the words "NBA" and "scrub" together. If you're in the NBA—even if you're sitting alllllllllll the way at the end of the bench and sharing a seat with two ballboys and the guy who passes shit to the trainer—you've got at least a little game. But we'd be lying to you if we said we knew anything about Denver Nuggets guard Gary Forbes outside of, well...okay, if not for Wikipedia, we'd be clueless right now. So "scrub" it is!

But if you need proof that even NBA scrubs can ball, just check out this clip of Forbes dropping 78 points—yes, 78 points!—during a Greater Hartford Pro-Am game recently. He didn't exactly do it against NBA-level talent, but hey, 78 points is still 78 points. Now, let's just hope George Karl sees this and remembers who the F this guy is... [via Pro Basketball Talk]