Fifteen years ago, Samaki Walker looked like he was about to be a pretty decent NBA player. Sure, his outfit at the 1996 NBA Draft was atrocious—earning him a slot in the top 10 on our list of the 50 Biggest NBA Draft Day Fails—but he was a serviceable big man from Louisville who seemed destined to leave a mark on the league.

Fifteen years later, his legacy is going to be "the guy who ate the weed." Late last week, Walker was pulled over in Arizona for a routine traffic stop and proceeded to try and shovel eight grams of marijuana into his mouth. But he failed miserably and ended up getting busted for having 10 grams of marijuana in his car alongside a handful of prescription pulls and eight bottles of liquid steroids.

SMH. Damn, Samaki. Sounds like you've finally come down off your high, huh? [via Huffington Post]