Okay, so it's a little bit too easy/lazy to call Sim Bhullar the next Yao Ming. But, ahhhhh, it's Monday! So, guess what? We don't care. Plus, the similarities are all there, so we think it's more than fair to make the comparison. Just like Yao, Bhullar stands at a freakishly-large 7 feet, 4 inches. Just like Yao, he's poised to become the first player from his country (India) to make waves in the NBA. And just like Yao, there are a million and one questions surrounding him and his realistic chances of impacting the game of basketball in a big way.

New York Times writer Pete Thamel followed him around recently to try and get to the bottom of a few of them. Good luck shaking all the hype you're about to have, big fella. [Read "So Much Potential, So Far to Go for Young Basketball Prospect" on NYT]