What exactly does "badass" mean? Well our friend Jen S. Seigh Kwa likes to say "I don't know, but the Pirates are playing so shut up and sit down so I can see the TV!", so she's no help. But the truth is, we're not really sure what "badass" is either, except that we know it when we see it.

Badass in baseball can take many forms: pitchers who don't take kindly to lolligagging batters, runners who don't take kindly to catchers blocking the plate (and vice versa), or players who don't take kindly to people telling them they can't play because they're missing something as trivial as a hand. Whatever it is, we'd like to think we have it pretty well covered in our countdown of the 50 Most Badass Baseball Players of All Time...

Special thanks to the SSSL for research assistance.

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