Sports can do a lot of things. They can make us jump for joy; they can make us cry like little babies (well, some of us). They make us forget the crappy parts of life for a few hours. They make us feel good about our hometowns and our colleges (and conversely, make us hate rival towns and colleges). And they can make us really, really frickin' annoyed sometimes. Like that inane dancing robot on the Fox NFL Sunday telecasts. Like the designated hitter, and the last minute of a close college basketball game. Or like the people on this list.

From the cry babies to the blowhards to the pretty boys to the meddlers, these are the 50 Most Annoying People in Sports Today. We're pretty sure you won't agree with all of our choices, but we guarantee at least a few will resonate in that fingernails-on-the-chalkboard sort of way. Read on, annoyance awaits!