The Aston Martin Cygnet is a ridiculous vehicle. Badge engineering is unfortunate when it's from Chevy to Pontiac, but when it's Toyota's city car being badged as an Aston it seems nothing short of tragic. That said, when Sir Stirling Moss OBE bought one in a classic British racing green for his wife's birthday, is suddenly became kind of cool. He says:

"My greatest partner in everything that I do, Susie is an amazing person and frankly the best wife a man could have. Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie; a proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town."

We can dig it. The Cygent has found its proper place; it's a WAG's car that won't look too cheap next to her man's real Aston.


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