Roger Clemens hasn't picked up a baseball for a Major League team in four years. Yet, he just somehow managed to eek out the 355th win of his career this morning. Judge Reggie Walton—who was overseeing The Rocket's trial that came about after he allegedly lied to Congress under oath back in 2008 by claiming that he'd never taken steroids or human growth hormones—shocked the sports world when he declared a mistrial. He did so because jurors in the case were reportedly privy to details that had been deemed inadmissible early on in the trial.

"I can't in good faith leave this case in a situation where a man's liberty is at risk when the government should have taken steps to ensure that we were not in this situation," Walton said. "I don't see how I can unring the bell."

There will be another hearing scheduled to decide whether Clemens will be brought up on a new trial or have the charges against him thrown out. But for now, it sounds like Clemens just earned another W. Wow. [via The Wall Street Journal]