Kobe Bryant isn't going to play ball in Europe. Not anytime soon, at least. As recently as this weekend, KB24 was in talks with the Turkish team Besiktas—the same one that just inked Deron Williams to a deal—trying to negotiate a deal that would have seen Williams and Bryant suiting up for the team this fall if the NBA lockout continues. The only problem: Kobe reportedly wanted $1 million a month (!) to come play in Turkey and Besiktas, a team that's already struggling with funding thanks to a recent match-fixing soccer scandal in Turkey, balked at paying him that much on a monthly basis.

And while Kobe's obviously a great player and all, a milli a month is a lot of dough for a guy who isn't going to be playing on the team for very long. So we can't say we blame them for telling him no. [via ESPN LA]