Shit was all good just a week ago! Steve Williams had a steady paycheck coming in, one of the cushiest gigs in sports, and most importantly, job security. But now that Williams and Tiger Woods have officially parted after 13 years together, Williams is taking shots at the throne because he's apparently none too happy with the way things ended. Especially after he stuck with Tiger through thick and thin over the course of the last couple of years.

"You could say I've wasted the last two years of my life," Williams told Television New Zealand shortly after he got canned. "I've stuck with Tiger and been incredibly loyal. I'm not disappointed I've been fired—that's part of the job—but the timing is extraordinary...I, along with a lot of people, lost a lot of respect for Tiger and I pointed out before his return at the Masters in Augusta in 2010 that he had to earn back my respect. Through time, I hope he can gain my respect back. He definitely needs to earn my respect again, that's for sure."

Damn, Tiger. At this point in your career, are you really trying to piss people off and make enemies? SMFH. [via Devil Ball]