We can really appreciate Derrick Rose's sense of competition. After the Bulls lost to the Heat in the 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals, he didn't go away on vacation or get outta the city of Chicago for a few weeks. Instead, he locked himself in his house, ate a shitload of takeout, and sulked in silence while he let his body heal from the beating it took during the playoffs.

"Being that close [to the NBA Finals], and not getting it, hurt," he said recently. "I just stayed inside the whole time. I didn't go anywhere else. I wore pajamas, watched a lot of movies, drank Powerade and got delivery food. My body was just sore and wore out. Mentally, too. I'm just getting over it...I know my time will [come] soon. That's how I think about it. I guess you have to pay your dues."

Don't worry: Something tells us the best is still yet to come for you, young'n. [via Yahoo! Sports]

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