Kenny Britt has spent the majority of the last year in handcuffs. In April, he was arrested after leading police on a car chase in New Jersey. He was booked in N.J. again in June for resisting arrest after he was suspected of smoking weed at a carwash (uhhhh?). And, recently, he got sued for his role in a bar fight that took place in Nashville last October. So, yeah, it's been a crazy year for Britt.

But his latest incident involving handcuffs is actually a good one. During a stop in Nashville on her "Femme Fatale" tour on Monday night, Britney Spears brought Britt on stage. She then handcuffed him to a pole, wrapped him in pink feathers, and threw her legs over his head. And while we're not 100 percent positive about this—we're pretty sure that's a little bit different than the treatment he got when he got cuffed in Jersey. Just sayin'. [via Guyism]