Less than a week after a fan fell from the stands and died during a Texas Rangers game, tragedy almost struck again for Major League Baseball—this time during the Home Run Derby at Chase Field in Arizona last night. Though he'd already caught three home run balls, MLB fan Keith Carmickle wanted more and attempted to lean over the railing in right field to catch a ball hit to the wall by Prince Fielder. However, he lost his balance, slipped over it, and dangled there for a few tense moments. "I thought: I've lived a good life," Carmickle said shortly after the incident.

Thankfully, his brother and friend were able to snag his arms and legs before he took a tumble onto a deck below and disaster was averted. And after a brief conversation with Chase Field security, Carmickle was allowed to return to his seat and enjoy the rest of the night. Good for him—and Major League Baseball—but we're still not sure if he was as lucky as this guy. [via Sports Illustrated]