TEAM (YEAR PURCHASED): New York Knicks, New York Rangers (1999)
 489-627 (.438)
COMPLEX SAYS: Not only has this man defamed the Mecca of basketball, but he has also managed to run one of hockey's most storied franchises into the ground. The Rangers have only won two playoff series since 1997 and the Knicks had a six-year drought before being swept in the first-round of this year' playoffs. Dolan's biggest flaw when it comes to the Knicks is his bromance with Isiah Thomas. The same Isiah Thomas that put the CBA out of business, put the Knicks in debt with ridiculous signings like Jerome James, and cost the Garden about $11.6 mil in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Luckily for Knicks fans, Dolan came to his senses and cut ties with Zeke...oh who are we kidding? With Donnie Walsh (you know, the guy that revived the franchise) out the door, we figure the re-hire date for Isiah is probably April 1 of next year (no foolin'). Stay nervous Knicks fans.