Admittedly, our French Open coverage has been pretty subpar recently (and we apologize to the four of you out there who actually give a flying you-know-what). But, here's a cool story! Top-five player Andy Murray is playing through some pretty excruciating pain this year as he tries to deal with a torn ankle ligament. To manage it, he's basically been getting doped up every day—taking up to 20 painkillers to ease the pain. Or, as he puts it, more than your favorite incoherent rock legend.

"I had about nine pills for breakfast, nine in the evening and then more before I go on the court," he said recently. "I've taken close to 20 pills a day, which is a lot. In fact, I've taken so many I've probably got more in me than Ozzy Osbourne."

Sooo...who knew tennis players were so tough!?!? [via Busted Racquet]