Apparently, the Ultimate Warrior still hates his former WWF WWE rival Hulk Hogan. He recently released a 7-minute YouTube rant—which is part of a larger 55-minute anti-Hulk video that he's promising to release later this month—in which he accuses the Hulkster of: A) Being addicted to cocaine, B) Trying to get the Warrior to smush his wife many years ago as part of a wife-swap proposal, and C) Pretending to have a better relationship with "Macho Man" Randy Savage than he actually did during interviews about Macho Man's untimely death.

For his part, Hulk refused to respond. "I have no interest to even lower myself to communicate with [Warrior]," he wrote on his Twitter page.

C'mon, fellas: Can't we all just get along? [via TMZ]