LeSean McCoy better get on board the "Somebody hacked my Twitter account!" bandwagon ASAP after what he did yesterday. Shortly after Giants' D-lineman Osi Umenyiora filed an affadavit against Giants' GM Jerry Reese over a contract dispute, the Eagles running back took to Twitter to share his thoughts on why Osi might not be worth a big-time contract next season. His very, very slanderous thoughts. "Overrated n soft," he tweeted. "3rd best d-line on his team honestly."

Yikes. A little too honest if you ask us—especially when you might have to line up on the other side of him twice next season, dummy! McCoy has since deleted the tweet (good move!) but we're sure Osi's got it filed away somewhere deep in his memory bank already. Man, do we hope there's a football season next fall! [via CBS New York]

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