Before the media lets go of the never-ending saga surrounding LeBron James and the Miami Heat for the summer (and maybe longer if the NBA doesn't get their shit together!), they took the opportunity recently to ask Pat Riley about all the criticism Bron-Bron received after the NBA Finals—specifically about how they feel he needs to come back with a "go-to move" next season if he plans on guiding the Heat to a 'chip. His response? Fuck off!

Okay, maybe that's not exactly what he said. But that's what it sounded like to us. "He's got a go-to game," Riley told reporters earlier this week, "he doesn't have to have a go-to move...I love reading all the people who've never coached in their life, that all of a sudden became experts about he needed a 'go-to.' He's got a go-to game. He knows what he needs to do to get better as a player. He's 26 years old and I think there's another huge upside for him."

Way to stick up for your man, Riles. Guess we'll find out if you're right next season. [via Sun-Sentinel]