Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks Scottie Pippen is a moron. Okay, maybe not a moron, but he definitely didn't agree with Pip saying that LeBron James is a better all-around player than Michael Jordan last week. And to prove it, he wrote Pip a letter that was obtained recently by the LA Times. "I have nothing but respect for you my friend as an athlete and knowledgeable basketball mind," he wrote. "But you are way off in your assessment of who is the greatest player of all time and the greatest scorer of all time. Your comments are off because of your limited perspective."

Later, he continued: "I would advise you to do a little homework before crowning Michael or LeBron with the title of best ever...It's my hope that today's players get a better perspective on exactly what has been done in this league in the days of yore."

Or, in other words: Get your facts straight, son—and consider yourself schooled! [via Lakers Blog]