The verdict is still out on whether or not Jimmer Fredette's college success will translate into a successful NBA career. But, at this point, he's either setting himself up to be either the biggest surprise—or the biggest bust—in the 2011 NBA Draft. Recently, Jimmer was asked to compare himself to a current NBA player. And he shot for the stars by throwing his name next to the names of two of the game's best point guards.

"[I see] similarities in Deron Williams—he's about my size, uses the crossover really well, and crossover step-back. I watched him a lot, being in Utah, so I tried to emulate his game. And somewhat a Steve Nash—he can get his shot off quickly, especially in the lane shooting up those different types of shots that I have in my arsenal."

Well, if nothing else, the kid's got confidence, eh? [via ESPN New York]