Before we started the interview, Markieff told us he wanted to go to the Suns. Well it looks like he got his wish. The Phoenix Suns selected him with the 13th pick, one pick ahead of his twin brother, Marcus. The 6’9” 241 lb power forward brings toughness to the Charmin soft Suns, who trot out Channing Frye as their premier big man. The Morris twins wreaked havoc on Big 12 opponents while with Kansas leading the Jayhawks to the Elite Eight while averaging 13 and 8 (Markieff) and 17 and 7 (Marcus), respectively.

Before his big day at the Prudential Center, we talked to Markieff at the Sean John Official NBA Pre-Draft Style Suite with Conversion Sports to see just how Complex he really is.


What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Markieff Morris:  The first track on the new Jeezy mixtape, "The Real is Back."

What are your favorite sneakers to wear?

Markieff Morris: Adidas shelltoes, I always loved them.

What’s the most money you spent on an item of clothing?

Markieff Morris: I just bought a Gucci sweater for $850.

What celebrity is in your Wifey Hall of Fame?

Markieff Morris: All-time? Damn, that’s a good question. I’m gonna have to go with Keri Hilson.

Favorite alcoholic drink?

Markieff Morris: Not too big on alcohol, but if I had to chose; I like Ciroc.

Current video game obsession?

Markieff Morris: NBA 2K11, man. I go in with KD all day. I win championships, I don’t remember the last time I lost, word up.

Dream ride?

Markieff Morris: It’s between the Maybach or the Rolls Royce. I definitely have to have a driver too.

Coveted tech product?

Markieff Morris: I’ve had the iPad for a nice little minute, not into gadgets like that, though.

Favorite city to visit?

Markieff Morris: It’s poppin’ out in Houston. The ladies and all that.

Who’s the most famous person in your cell phone?

Markieff Morris: I got Young Chris in my phone, that’s the homie.

What does it feel like to know you’ll be a millionaire soon?

Markieff Morris: It hasn’t really hit me yet, maybe when my name is called.