THE BAD GUY: Wilt Chamberlain
COMPLEX SAYS: Most remember Wilt the Stilt as the beloved player who posted a 100-point game, but some players and fans across the league saw Chamberlain as an arrogant figure known for putting his personal stats before his team. In 1968, when he joined the Lakers, Chamberlain became the highest-paid player in the league on a $250,000 salary. Chamberlain's strained relationships with team captain Elgin Baylor and head coach Butch Van Breda Kolff would ultimately lead to the team's demise in the '69 Finals. After a lackluster 8-point performance by Chamberlain in Game 6, Kolff criticized the center for choking in the big moment. In Game 7, Chamberlain was benched by Kolff for the final six minutes as the Celtics beat the Lakers 108-106. It didn't help that Laker owner, Jack Kent Cooke, had put thousands of balloons in the rafters of the Forum prior to the game. Yup, that's a FAIL.

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