If you haven't heard DeShon Marman's story yet, put your tray table up and make sure your seatbelt on—because it's turning into one hell of a bumpy ride. Last Wednesday, Marman—who plays safety for the University of New Mexico—boarded a U.S. Airways flight headed from Phoenix to San Francisco when a flight attendant stopped and asked him to pull his sagging pants up. He told her it wouldn't be an issue once he sat down and went to find his seat. Case closed, right? Hardly.

Several minutes later, he was arrested for trespassing after the pilot confronted him about the pants and didn't get the response he was looking for. However, after watching a video of the incident, we're not exactly sure what he was looking for Marman to say or do. Marman was polite throughout the exchange, pointed out that his pants were no longer an issue now that he was in his seat, and said that all he wanted to do was get to San Fran just like everybody else on the plane.

So, what gives, U.S. Airways? Now that we can see what really happened, things are looking a whoooooooole lot worse for you than they did when the story first came out. GTFOH. [via Total Pro Sports]