Ever since Mark Cuban came out and said that he wasn't interested in buying the Mavericks championship rings after their 2011 NBA Finals victory, there's been a lot of speculation about what the team will be wearing to celebrate their title. During an interview with ESPN Radio Chicago yesterday, Mavs role player Brian Cardinal offered up a suggestion of his own. "Uh, anklets," Cardinal said. "We will be rocking these world championship anklets. It's going to be unbelievable—diamonds, rubies."

But then he dropped the wise-guy act and said what he really wanted. "I think a ring would be unbelievable. I think that goes along with tradition and that's what everybody plays for...Now if [Cuban] comes in with fifteen Bentleys or gold-plated Bentleys with the trophy emblem or whatever as the hood ornament, you know, that's not bad either."

Anklets or gold-plated Bentleys, though? Really, son!?! [via Dallas Morning News]