If you have no idea who Bill Simmons is, you've probably landed on the Complex Sports channel by accident. Feel free to click your Back button now and enjoy some of the other great content we have available on our other channels. If you do know who Bill Simmons is—and you don't hate him as much as this guy, this guy, or this guy—then we've got some great news for you: The Sports Guy finally just debuted his new sports site Grantland at noon today with a "quick" introduction that clocks in at a very Bill Simmons-esque 2700 words.

Basically, if you like reading about sports—and we can't stress the word reading enough here; there's going to be a lot of it to do if you visit the site—you're gonna want to add Grantland to your browser's bookmarks. Right next to Complex Sports, of course... [via Grantland]