LeBron James is getting a lot of advice this week. Yesterday, we told you about the advice Jason Kidd offered to Bron-Bron and his Heat teammates. Now Amar'e Stoudemire is getting in on the action, too, by giving LeBron some advice about how he can make himself more likable.

"I think you have to conduct yourself in a way that people can relate to you," the Knicks center said yesterday. "The more they can relate to you, the more they will appreciate you."

He also spoke about the comments LeBron directed to his "haters" after the Heat lost on Sunday. "Everybody has their own way of commenting on things, but I would have commented differently," Stoudemire said. "One thing about Michael Jordan was that no matter how great he was and how much of a platform he stood on, he still related to all the hard workers out there in the world...I think LeBron is still young and there is still time for him to reconnect with the public."

Let's hope so. Now, who else has something to say to LeBron? Step right up! [via Off The Dribble]

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