Over the course of its first seven seasons, Entourage has featured plenty of athletes on the show. Everyone from LeBron James and Lamar Odom to Michael Phelps and Chuck Lidell have made cameo appearances. So it's really no surprise to hear that several more will be featured during the eighth (and final!) season of Entourage, which starts next month. But the guest athletes themselves may come as a bit of a surprise—especially if you bleed blue and orange.

Just a few months after the show's creator Doug Ellin and actors Kevin Dillon and Kevin Connelly reportedly tried to buy a stake in the Mets, they nabbed a couple of Yankees to play a part in the show next season. Earlier this week, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira filmed some scenes at Yankee Stadium for an episode that will also reportedly feature Amar'e Stoudemire.

Oh, those damn Yankees! Add this to the loooooong list of Mets fails, please... [via Business Insider]