eBay user theycallmefenton used to be a huge Flyers fan. That is, until they blew up the nucleus of their team last week and left him pissed off at the organization. So, he did what any ridiculously rabid sports fans would do: He wrote an angry blog about it decided to sell his loyalty to the Flyers to the highest bidder. And amazingly, it's selling!

As of right now, it's available for 41 bucks. Whoever wins gets to see a video of dude destroying his old Flyers jersey and gets to pick which team he'll support moving forward—provided that team isn't the Penguins or the Devils.

Hmmm...sounds like he's not selling his total loyalty to the Flyers, now is he? D'ah well. Whatever gets people talking about hockey in late June is good for the game, right? [via Business Insider]