If there's one thing the NBA's been missing for the past few years, it's a good ol' fashioned villain. Well, it's not missing that any more. Since King James and CB4 took their talents to South Beach to join D-Wade, the Miami Heat have become the team that a whole lotta people love to hate. They cry, they get called Rupaul, they sue their baby mamas (okay, so all of those were Chris Bosh), but they also do what all good villains do: they win. Quite a bit as it turns out, and when they're on, this team is on like no squad we've seen since the '90s Bulls in their hey. So, as we prep for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, we present the 10 Best Miami Heat Plays of 2011. Hate the players if you want, but you can't hate their game.

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