TEAM(S): Juventus, AC Milan

"Predator" is the word best describing Italy's favorite hired gun, Filippo Inzaghi. Known for minimal-touch goals in massive games, maniacal celebrations, and bedding some of the baaadest women on planet earth (Google him if you don't believe us), Super Pippo is a scoring machine, on and off the field. Inzaghi started his Champions League career at Juventus, where he linked up with a pair of fair footballers named Zidane and Del Piero, before moving to Milan in 2001. A two-time Champions League winner, Pippo's 46 goals rank fifth all time and he is tied for the most hat tricks in the competition with three. His brace against Liverpool in the 2007 final—needing just three total touches—was testament to the pimp from Piacenza's predatory prowess; maybe even moreso than the many notches on this little baller's bedpost.