TEAM: San Antonio Spurs
WHEN: 11/17/2010
COMPLEX SAYS: When Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker in November of last year, she cited irreconcilable differences. Everyone knows that "irreconcilable differences" for celebs is just another way of saying a whole lot of shit went down. A whole lot of shit like...(allegedly) sleeping with your former teammate's wife! In the days following the divorce filing, reports came out that Brent Barry's wife, Erin Barry, was the other woman Parker was seeing, and that Longoria discovered hundreds of texts from Erin on Parker's phone. Erin later denied the affair and the Barrys also ended up divorcing (citing...wait for it...irreconcilable differences). Why is it that Parker was the one doing all the scoring? Homie is the point guard, a.k.a. the facilitator, right?

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