Carlos Boozer isn't playing particularly well in the NBA Playoffs. And a bunch of former Bulls players are letting him know it. First, Scottie Pippen fired some shots in his direction during the Bulls series with the Pacers. And now, even Horace Grant is getting in on the action. "It will be a long time before I could be a head coach, because I don't care how much money you get paid," Grant told ESPN recently. "If you're not producing more or if I feel like you're hurting the team, especially in the playoffs, I'd bench you...If Boozer is having an off-game scoring, he has to do other things. You have to rebound and you've got to play defense."

But, what about that toe that's been bothering him, Horace? "Well, then sit down," he continued. "If you're that bothered by it, sit down, seriously...I like Boozer as a person, but if you're hurt like that, it's a liability for the team. I'm pretty sure Taj Gibson would be a very good replacement."

Okay, okay—all finished dumping buckets of ether on Boozer, man? Um, not quite. "I'm sure Boozer is thinking, 'Man, they're paying me all this money, and this is the playoffs,' but stop worrying about all that money and start worrying if you can contribute to a team winning," he said. "He has to put his ego aside for the betterment of the team." Annnnnnd....CHECKMATE! [via ESPN]