Ha! Now this is funny. As we pointed out a few weeks ago, Jameer Nelson got underneath a couple of Hawks players' skin last month when he approached Derrick Rose after a Bulls/Magic regular season game and got caught—on live national TV, no less!—telling Rose that he'd catch him in the second round of the playoffs. Only problem? The Magic had to get through the Hawks first, which they ultimately didn't, to get a shot at seeing the Bulls.

But, no worries! Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche took to his Twitter account last night to announce that he was still hoping to make Nelson's dream come true—by leaving two tickets for him at Chicago's United Center so that he could still see Rose in the second round. "Things that make me happy about this job," Triche wrote on Twitter. "Taking a page out of Jerry Glanville's book, I think I'll follow through on Jameer's request to catch Derrick Rose in the 2nd round." Again, we say: Ha! You lose, Jameer. [via ESPN]

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