COMPLEX SAYS: Many already know of the inside and outside the ring feud between two of boxing's greatest fighters of all time. What's not always mentioned is that the two were considered friends before and that Frazier actually petitioned President Richard Nixon to have Ali's boxing license reinstated. When Ali was stripped of his title, Frazier went as far as boycotting the tournament for the vacant WBA heavyweight title. But by the time Ali and Frazier were prepping for the "Fight of the Century" in 1971, all that support and love went out the window. Ali publicly tore into Frazier calling him an Uncle Tom, ugly, and dumb. In 2001 Ali would apologize for his taunts but their feud hit a new low in 2009, when Frazier alluded to Ali's Parkinson's disease as being punishment from God. #c'monson #childishshit