COMPLEX SAYS: Bill Belichick's relationship with Eric Mangini dates back to when Mangini was a ball boy for the Cleveland Browns during Belichick's head coaching tenure. Belichick helped Mangini move up the ranks to eventually become an offensive assistant. Their working relationship would continue with the Jets and eventually with the Patriots where Mangini was the defensive backs coach during three of the Patriots' Super Bowl victories. Mangini even named one of his sons, Luke William, after the Pats head coach. However, things quickly turned sour when Mangini told Belichick he was leaving the Pats to coach the Jets in 2006. The feud reached a boiling point in 2007 when Mangini's complaints to officials led to Sypgate. Since then there hasn't been much but awkward post game handshakes. We say they settle it in the octagon. Dana, where you at?