It worked with Michael Vick. So why wouldn't the Eagles at least entertain the idea of signing Plaxico Burress to a short-term deal when he gets out of prison on June 6? Turns out, they are entertaining it—and they're apparently going to be the first team to sit down with Plax when he gets out of jail. Of course, they'll have to wait until the lockout ends first (sigh!) but Vick is already planning on reaching out on his own to talk to him.

"I hope I can pay him a visit," he told the Philadelphia Daily News recently. "I just want to reach out to him, talk to him...let him know there's plenty of optimism out there for him. I don't think his career's over by far. You look at Terrell Owens, he's 37, and playing like he's in his late 20s."

So, dear NFL East: Beware! [via New York Daily News]

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