If you know anything about the current state of living in Northern Mexico, you know its the drug cartels—not the police—that are really in charge. Thanks to an internet site titled Blog del Narco, you can see why. Coming off the heels of the story of a jungle-built drug running submarine comes news of vehicles like "El Monstruo" here and the likes.

Captured two weeks ago after a battle outside Ciudad Mier, this truck-built tank is reported to have a top speed of 68 mph and could haul a dozen cartel members. Unfortunately, as badass as it may look on first glance, the tank's designers forgot to shield its tires, aiding in its quick demise. Check out the video of a similar armored vehicle that was brought down. The craziest part? Mexican officials aren't the least bit surprised, and believe there are bigger, badder ones out there.

[Blog del Narco via Jalopnik]

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