WHO: Unknown Mavs executive
YEAR: 1995

The people who attend the lottery for the various teams are an odd lot. More often than not, it's the clubs' general manager, sometimes it's a player, sometimes it's even the owner (and Mike Dunleavy, who's there every year for the Clippers). Needless to say, these are sometimes people who aren't used to being on live TV, and having their gut reactions broadcast around the world. Take this dude for instance. We're not sure who he is, but his reaction to the Mavs getting the 11th pick (where they were slotted to be) is priceless. You can see the full gamut of human emotion on his face, from "Keep smiling, keep smiling" to "Holy shit, we're gonna have to take Cherokee Parks!" back to "Keep smiling, keep smiling", all in a split-second.