we're just out here asking for statues!? While we certainly wouldn't argue with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar over whether or not he deserves a statue outside of the Staples Center in Los Angeles (because, well, he does!), it's a little strange to hear a retired player—and a retired player that was as great as him at that—come out and ask to be immortalized by his former team. But that's exactly what Abdul-Jabbar did recently. "There hasn't been any talk of [the Lakers giving me a statue]," he told the Los Angeles Times. "I don't understand that. It's either an oversight or they're taking me for granted. I'm not going to try and read people's minds, but it doesn't make me happy. It's definitely a slight. I feel slighted."

Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn, and Jerry West all have statues outside Staples Center—which has Abdul-Jabbar wondering when he'll get the recognition he feels he deserves. "I am highly offended by the total lack of acknowledgement of my contribution to Laker success," he continued. "I guess being the lynchpin for five world championships is not considered significant enough in terms of being part of Laker history."

Sigh. Okay, Kareem, point taken. But it still seems like you should be above asking for recognition, no? [via Lakers Blog]